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Devorah Wheeler

Amos and Devorah Wheeler

While still in my teens, I fell in love with the Shih Tzu dog breed. While at first my parents weren’t sure they wanted a dog, with a little persuasion I became the proud owner of my first dog Chloe. After deciding to do some small-time breeding, I brought in Awa, and Teddy from Ukraine, all Shih Tzus with outstanding championship pedigrees. I loved them so much that I just added Kade and Juliet from Ukraine too. My dogs live in a inviting climate controlled dog house and share my beautiful countryside in Waco, Texas with my husband Amos and I. 

I take the care of my puppies seriously, and strive to give them the best start in life possible. From the moment they are born, I spend countless hours checking on them, holding them and playing with them. When they start eating solid food I change their bedding to wood shavings that are soft and easy to keep sanitary. This pre-potty trains them to go on potty pads and grass, which makes it easier for when they arrive at their new homes. Many of my customers tell me that my puppies are easy to train and get along great with their new families extremely well. I feel strongly that loving care shown in the beginning of the puppy's life, affects them greatly, and sets their demeanor and temperament for the rest of their lives. I strive to show my puppies the love and care they need to make them the best companions for their new families. 

All of my dogs are my pets that I breed once a year. I absolutely love raising Shih Tzus and wish each one I could keep. Each pup will come with registration papers, having been vet-checked, given their first set of vaccinations, health records, de-wormed and a one year health contract. They will arrive into yours arms as a fur ball of joy, ready to join your family!

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