Field of Flowers


All of our puppies are either AKC or CKC registered. The prices below are pet only, (Limited Registration) means you are required to spay or neutuer your puppy. If you are intrested in purchaseing one for breeding or full registration, please contact us for pricing and more information. To get on the waiting list to reserve a puppy from one of these litters or upcoming, we require a $500.00 non-refundable deposit; only transferable. For more information on adopting a puppy, please visit the puppy adoption page.   

Our puppies are raised with lots of socialization, seven days a week. From the miniute the puppies enter the world, we are rubbing their little delicate bodies to make sure they take thier first breath. We are their assisting the mom by her side during the birth. At an early age we introduce to our puppies sounds like, dogs barking, things clanging and dropping, thunder storms, clapping hands, music and happy voices. This helps your puppy not to be timid as he or she grows older. 


Pups will weigh between 12-16 pounds full grown.

-We give every puppy a one year health guarantee.

-3-Day Vet Check Guarantee:

     We give all our customers a three day vet check guarantee for you take take the puppy to the vet and get an exam. 

-Parvo Shot & First 5-Way Puppy Shot:

All of our puppies' are given a Parvo shot at the age of 7-weeks. 

-Started on Flea and Tick:

   We start all our puppies on flea and tick medication from February - October, unless requested by the buyer not to. 


 Our puppies are wormed four times before they leave at the age of 8-weeks.

-Puppy Health chart:

   Each puppy comes with a health chart record of what we have done and we will help guide you to the next steps on pick-up day. 

-AKC or CKC Litter Application Paper:

   All our puppies come with a registration form for you to take home, fill it out with your information and your puppy's name, then you will mail it to AKC or CKC and they will send you the registration certificate. 

  Pick-Up Day!
    We will call everyone a week before their puppy is ready for pick-up from the date that is posted arrange a time to pick-up your puppy and send you our address. If you can't pick-up your puppy on the day that is posted above, thats ok, we will arrange another time. The balance for your puppy and training will be due on the 8-week pick-up date posted above.


   Here are a few things below you will need to order before pick-up day and ideas of things you might want to have on hand.

We take cash or Apple Pay on Pick-Up Day. Venmo we can take a couple days before pick-up. 


-Extra Items that might be helpful:
  - Potty pads.
  - Opened wire Large size crate.
  - Liner to go in crate.
  - Dog bed
  - 2 bowls for water and food. 
  - Toys 
  - Brush and Shampoo
  - Collar and Leash
  - Treats
  - Rawhide bones for chewing.